Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Michelle of Creative Critters has been a special blessing to me and my furry babies, Tink and Buddy.
With the help of her two adorable kitties, Ozzy and Cedric, she made Buddy and Tinkerbelle very special gifts. You should have seen Buddy with the handcrafted mouse filled with home grown catnip! The pictures just don't do it justice. He absolutely went crazy happy. That's some very good catnip, Michelle. And doesn't Tink look great in her handmade scarf? Michelle even embroidered her name on it!
What touched my heart the most, was that dear Michelle took the time, energy and expense to send these special gifts to my grieving pets. (you can read August's posts about our Banjo) We only know one another thru the Artfire forums. But, have alot in common. We both love our furry babies, and we both love polymer clay.
Please take the time to view her studio at http://www.creativecritters.artfire.com/ and her blog at http://www.creativecrittersblog.blogspot.com/ She is a terrific artist and a terrific person.
Thank you Michelle! :o) button


  1. That scarf is too cute!! What a sweet person Michelle is! :)

  2. Awww, that was so sweet of Michelle and the gifts are cute and your kitty does look very happy.

  3. just wanted to say THANKS for visiting my etsy shop,& making chapel lane designs something you heart!! i checked out your shop & think your creations are ADORABLE!!! i plan to showcase you on my blog! :D

  4. you're so very welcome Linda.. it was my pleasure! keep up the great work!!

    many blessings,

  5. Hey Button, I just read your comment on my Mask post- you actually picked my entry as your favorite-LOL! I think you'd really enjoy the Smooshers (when you get the time). I know I love being a part of the guild.


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