Friday, October 9, 2009


A couple of months ago, I was walking with Tinkerbelle and we saw a squirrel on the ground.

As we walked toward it, he jumped up on the block wall fence beside us. It was covered with a hedge of some sort. As we continued to walk, I heard something like rustling leaves. Looked over to the wall, and the squirrel was following us along the top of the wall.

We stopped. He stopped and went up on his hid legs, as to say, "hello". Of course, I had to tell him how cute he was and talk to him a while. Then, we continued to walk.

I could hear him romping in the folliage on top of the wall and stopped again. There he was. When we stopped, so did he. Up on his hind legs he went again, and I'd talk to him some more.

This went on all along this fence. Every 20 feet or so, we'd stop and visit. At one point, I stopped in front of a tree. The fellow jumped into the tree and we were eyeball to eyeball. I thought he was going to jump on me! We walked on and he jumped back on the fence and followed along again.

After about 1/4 a mile or so, he jumped over to the other side. There are lots of fig trees for him to feast on, so I don't think he was hungry.

I think he was just a little blessing coming my way to make me smile. I will never forget it. The amazing thing is, Tinkerbelle wasn't bothered at all. She didn't bark, she didn't pull on her leash or fuss. I think she enjoyed the encounter just as much as I did.

Whenever I pass that way, I look for my little furry friend, but, haven't seen him since.


  1. Ah bless, what a lovely story and think he was just keeping you company whilst you walked...I love squirrels, they always look like they are deep in thought. xx

  2. What a precious story! When I was a kid, we raised a baby squirrel when it fell from a tree. Bottle fed him and everything. He was the friendliest little creature.
    What's even MORE amazing is that Tink wasn't bothered!!!
    Surely this was a little furry angel paying you a visit in another form...I think you know who I'm talking about :)

  3. I agree with Holly- that's probably why Tink didn't try to chase him. I've got so many animal stories- maybe I'll share a bit about Ozzy and his Cat Magic. I swear he can make himself invisible! Sometimes I look all over the house for him (using a flashlight and everything) and can't find him anywhere. I always worry about him slipping outside (he's been a house cat all his life). So just about the time I'm starting to get really worried, he pops up right behind me, like he's been there all along. I swear he's laughing at me. He uses Cat Magic to help me find things too. I'll say, "OK Ozzy, I need just the right fabric for this doll's dress. Can you help me?" So he'll start looking through the fabric stash and usually within a few minutes he directs me to just what I need (even if I don't know what I'm looking for). Seriously, this cat is an artistic genius. He's definitely my kitty!

  4. What a cute story! We have some squirrels that live in our yard... they have such personalities!! They are so funny! ;)


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