Friday, October 30, 2009

Baby gets a new home

The problem was Buddy, Banjo, and expecially Tinkerbelle. This little baby was terrified of everything. You can imagine with all he had been thru. Tinkerbelle would traumatize him if I were to let her near him. Not on purpose, of course, but, she's a Jack Russell Terrier! So, this lil' peanut lived in the bedroom. Tink started barking at the door whenever I was in there with him. (which was all the time!) Hubby wanted to give him to a shelter! Oh no! Absolutely not! We were at odds about it for a while. I was so upset. Called my friends to try to find a home for this baby. Somewhere I knew he would be safe and loved. But, my heart was breaking because this little peanut had his paws all wrapped around it. How could I give him to anyone? We had bonded. I didn't know what to do. One day I called my sister about it. She's a kitty lover, too. I was in tears. I loved this baby so much. My sister said she knew of someone who had experience with little ferrell kittens and she would talk to her about taking my little one. It looked like lil' peanut was going to a new home. Then, the gal changed her mind and we were back at square one. I was at my witts end. (should I stop here???.....Naw...)
My sister decided she would take him...sight unseen. She lives about an hour and a half away. She drove over and picked up my baby. On one hand, I was so releived because I knew she would give him a good home. On the other hand, this baby had my heart and he had grown to trust me. It was very hard to do, but, I handed this little bundle over to my sister Darla. You will be happy to know that Mookie (that's his name now) is doing very well in his new home with his new Mommy and brother Toby and sister Elizabeth (both big red kitties). The wonderful thing is, I can go to my sister's house to visit. I think about him often, and, am so happy he finally has a permanent good home. He will always hold a piece of my heart in his little paws.
You can see Mookie's big brother Toby in the last photo above. They are good friends and everyone is happy together. Big thank you to my Sister Darla for opening her home and her heart to this sweet little kitten.

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