Monday, July 12, 2010

JAMIE'S MIRACLE...worth repeating

I'd like to introduce you to a very special person. His name is Jamie Gillentine. He is a husband and father of three small children, a good swimmer and surfer "dude".It was a beautiful day at the beach with friends and family when suddenly things drastically changed. Jamie dove head first into a wave and hit a sandbar. The 6th cervical vertibrae was shattered and splinters pierced and severed his spinal cord. Instantly he was paralized from the neck down.He was face down in the water and would have drowned if he could not go face up. He doesn't now how, no one was near him, but he was turned over and able to breath and call out for help.Jamie had to have surgeries and for many months had to wear a "halo". That is a device that holds the head and neck so that it remains stable. (by screws drilled into the head). The following short youtube shows Jamie as the Lord began to heal him and he began to regain mobility. He had physical therapy 5 days a week. The video spans several months and shows his progress in physical therapy. I have seen this many times and still am in awe of this miracle. Our Father is so wonderful!Jamie Gillentine is Pastor over missions at our church Anaheim Vineyard in So. Cal. I pray you will be blessed and encouraged as you watch and listen.

I originally posted this back in March, but, with so many new friends, I wanted to share it again.
Click on the blue link below and you will be able to see the wonderful progress Jamie has made. God is so good.
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