Saturday, August 29, 2009


I'd like to share a photo of the little sculpture I made of Banjo the day he went to "sleep" . It strangely brought me comfort to make it. As I formed and smoothed the clay in my hands, it was as though I was stroking and holding my "baby" Banjo one last time.
I received the following message from Linda. The same Linda who commissioned Jennie to do the memorial photo for me of Banjo with Buddy seen in the previous post. I want to share this "blessing" with you. Here it is:
Do you remember last night before I signed off for the evening that it was about to rain? Well it did rain. I stood in the foyer of the office with 2 other co-workers for maybe 15 minutes waiting for the rain to let up enough before making a dash to the parking lot to my truck. You could tell the storm was passing. As I was about to reach my truck, the other lady I was walking with said "Oh look! A rainbow!"
What I saw was a complete rainbow. Not a partial one, but all 180 degrees. Full color from start to finish. I have never seen a completely perfect rainbow like this before in all my life. There was always "something missing" about it. Not this time.

It wasn't a very big rain, but then Banjo isn't a very big cat! I'd like to think this desperately needed rain with it's perfect rainbow signature was a little "thank you" from Banjo "signed off on" by God. It made me feel really, really good!
It was the Rainbow Bridge I saw yesterday, of that I am sure! The rain was a gift. And it was merely God's way of reassuring me that Banjo will be there waiting for you--that's why I got to see it--to show me that the circle is finished and Banjo is back home--that everything is as it should be. It means it's time to move forward.

I've seen a perfect rainbow! I've seen the Rainbow Bridge. I shall cherish it because of the love I know comes with it.
Thank you so much, Linda, for sending me this wonderful email...I just had to share it. Bless your heart...button
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Thursday, August 27, 2009


The little kitty on the left is Banjo. The big boy on the right is Buddy. The other morning, to my surprise, I found them like this in the laundry room. (top photo) Very unusual because they really weren't very close. Didn't really play or snuggle together. I fetched my camera and I'm so glad I did.
Later that day the Vet called to tell us Banjo's kidney's had failed. Late that afternoon, Richard took him back to the Vet and Banjo went to "sleep" in his arms. Out of all our kitties, I think Banjo was the sweetest of all . We miss him so much. I posted about Banjo on the forums and received so much love and support. I sent the photo to Linda in response to a very sweet email from her.
This morning I woke up to a very special surprise. She had commissioned another artist on Artfire named Jennie to do a special memorial photo. She also included a prayer on it from Buddy. It may be too small in the picture for you to read, so I will type it out.
Dear God,
I know I ask for alot of things,
like catnip, toy mice,
and even my own pants to dig up...
But I have one favor to ask.
May you please take care of my brother
Banjo. I love him dearly and he isn't feeling
very well. I know we don't see eye to eye
at times, but, I ask you this favor on
behalf of our mommy.
Needless to say, when I saw the picture and prayer, I began to cry. It touched my heart so. These dear girls, whom I had never met had taken the time and effort to make such a beautful keepsake for us. Now, you may notice on the 4th line...the word "pants".
I think, perhaps, Jennie may have meant to write the word "plants". But, the Lord knew best. Buddy loves freshly washed and dried pants and other clothes and jumps in the laundry basket, digs around, makes a nest, and snuggles in. I have to shoo him out of the basket. So, you see, it wasn't a typo after all. I'm grateful to God for our time with Banjo. And grateful to Him for old friends and new, like Linda and Jennie. Thank you both. There are no coincidences, another friend calls them see, today, my husband Richard is bringing Banjo's ashes home. Special thanks to my sister, Darla, who gifted us with them. This memorial for him comes at the very right time.
Banjo and Buddy are my "Babies", Linda and Jennie provided the "Baubles" and the Lord has used them and my sister, Darla, to be my "Blessings" today.
Linda's studios: RockyCreekGems and Calico Cat:
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Tuesday, August 25, 2009


A story about a very special "baby" of mine...she is a very special indeed. Her name is Tinkerbelle and she is an official Therapy Pet. She has a special gift of spreading joy and love to the elderly in a care facility in Grand Terrace California. I have many stories about her adventures there. Here is one that really showed me how very special therapy pets can be.
My Daddy just turned 90 years old in June. He lives at Grand Terrace Care Center. There was a fellow there a few years ago who always looked so sad. When I'd see him I would go to him and smile, say hello, and gently touch his shoulder. He wouldn't even blink. Wouldn't say a word. This happened several times. When I started bringing Tinkerbelle with me for our visits, Daddy was so happy to see her. She shared her love with him and many of the other residents.

One day, I saw this fellow in the hallway. I approached him and once again tried to converse with him. No response. I asked him if he liked dogs. Suddenly, he turned and looked at me. Wow! I picked Tinkerbelle up so he could see her. All of a sudden he got the biggest smile on his face and reached out to her with both hands. They became fast friends that day. He is no longer there, but I know, my Tinky touched a place in his heart that no human could. It makes me cry happy and grateful tears. She is my baby. And she is a blessing.
If you'd like more information on Therapy Pets, please click on the link below.