Thursday, August 27, 2009


The little kitty on the left is Banjo. The big boy on the right is Buddy. The other morning, to my surprise, I found them like this in the laundry room. (top photo) Very unusual because they really weren't very close. Didn't really play or snuggle together. I fetched my camera and I'm so glad I did.
Later that day the Vet called to tell us Banjo's kidney's had failed. Late that afternoon, Richard took him back to the Vet and Banjo went to "sleep" in his arms. Out of all our kitties, I think Banjo was the sweetest of all . We miss him so much. I posted about Banjo on the forums and received so much love and support. I sent the photo to Linda in response to a very sweet email from her.
This morning I woke up to a very special surprise. She had commissioned another artist on Artfire named Jennie to do a special memorial photo. She also included a prayer on it from Buddy. It may be too small in the picture for you to read, so I will type it out.
Dear God,
I know I ask for alot of things,
like catnip, toy mice,
and even my own pants to dig up...
But I have one favor to ask.
May you please take care of my brother
Banjo. I love him dearly and he isn't feeling
very well. I know we don't see eye to eye
at times, but, I ask you this favor on
behalf of our mommy.
Needless to say, when I saw the picture and prayer, I began to cry. It touched my heart so. These dear girls, whom I had never met had taken the time and effort to make such a beautful keepsake for us. Now, you may notice on the 4th line...the word "pants".
I think, perhaps, Jennie may have meant to write the word "plants". But, the Lord knew best. Buddy loves freshly washed and dried pants and other clothes and jumps in the laundry basket, digs around, makes a nest, and snuggles in. I have to shoo him out of the basket. So, you see, it wasn't a typo after all. I'm grateful to God for our time with Banjo. And grateful to Him for old friends and new, like Linda and Jennie. Thank you both. There are no coincidences, another friend calls them see, today, my husband Richard is bringing Banjo's ashes home. Special thanks to my sister, Darla, who gifted us with them. This memorial for him comes at the very right time.
Banjo and Buddy are my "Babies", Linda and Jennie provided the "Baubles" and the Lord has used them and my sister, Darla, to be my "Blessings" today.
Linda's studios: RockyCreekGems and Calico Cat:
For those of us who love our pets and have made them a part of our families, please click on the link below to view a beautiful very short video of
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  1. You make me cry! Godincidences--I shall remember that. Thank you!

  2. Sending you even more {{hugs}} than were in my convo.

  3. So sweet, very lovely....:) xoxo

  4. What a sweet, sweet gesture in remembrance of your precious kitty.

  5. OK, I'm totally crying over here! What an incredibly sweet gift! The kindness of those wonderful people on Artfire never ceases to amaze me. And that "mistake" in the prayer is just so perfect- just another example that there is Someone out there, keeping watch and caring for ALL our loved ones.

  6. omg ... sweetheart you made my night hahaha I sooo typoed that!! Im sorry- but obviously it was fitting ... weird how god works in mysterious ways. Im soooooooooo happy I was able to do this for linda to give to you hunnie. Just know you always have people who care (another kind of family), regardless of whether we've never met before my heart pours for you and hurts when you hurt. Big hug hunnie. I know Banjo is loving this right now hehe purring in all his glory.
    big time!
    My Magic Me

  7. How cute! and what beautiful kitties!

  8. Found you from Etsy. Love your fur babies.

  9. Cute! I want a kitty! We are shopping for a Bengal kitten right now :)

  10. That is so sweet. I am constantly amazed at how caring and giving people are.
    Wishing you peace in knowing that Banjo is watching over you now.

  11. There are so many good people in this world that we don't hear about. Thanks for sharing this, and my sympathy to you as well on the loss of your sweet Banjo.

  12. Thank you all for your sweet comments and comforting words. :o) button

  13. I don't cry often-but this did it!
    I love MY babies s-o-o much! I can't ever bear the thought of losing them. It does feel good to remember their cute funny ways!
    Many hugs!


  14. My heart goes out to you for your loss, but we just need to keep the faith that we meet again at the rainbow bridge!

  15. I understand your loss, because we lost our Snowy (cocker spaniel) last year, and it's still hard. My heart goes out to you and your family!

  16. So sweet and sad. Its hard to loose our kitties.
    I love the pants part. hugs.


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