Saturday, August 29, 2009


I'd like to share a photo of the little sculpture I made of Banjo the day he went to "sleep" . It strangely brought me comfort to make it. As I formed and smoothed the clay in my hands, it was as though I was stroking and holding my "baby" Banjo one last time.
I received the following message from Linda. The same Linda who commissioned Jennie to do the memorial photo for me of Banjo with Buddy seen in the previous post. I want to share this "blessing" with you. Here it is:
Do you remember last night before I signed off for the evening that it was about to rain? Well it did rain. I stood in the foyer of the office with 2 other co-workers for maybe 15 minutes waiting for the rain to let up enough before making a dash to the parking lot to my truck. You could tell the storm was passing. As I was about to reach my truck, the other lady I was walking with said "Oh look! A rainbow!"
What I saw was a complete rainbow. Not a partial one, but all 180 degrees. Full color from start to finish. I have never seen a completely perfect rainbow like this before in all my life. There was always "something missing" about it. Not this time.

It wasn't a very big rain, but then Banjo isn't a very big cat! I'd like to think this desperately needed rain with it's perfect rainbow signature was a little "thank you" from Banjo "signed off on" by God. It made me feel really, really good!
It was the Rainbow Bridge I saw yesterday, of that I am sure! The rain was a gift. And it was merely God's way of reassuring me that Banjo will be there waiting for you--that's why I got to see it--to show me that the circle is finished and Banjo is back home--that everything is as it should be. It means it's time to move forward.

I've seen a perfect rainbow! I've seen the Rainbow Bridge. I shall cherish it because of the love I know comes with it.
Thank you so much, Linda, for sending me this wonderful email...I just had to share it. Bless your heart...button
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  1. this post surely touch my heart!!!

  2. your sculpture is so amazing .. and thanks for sharing this story.

  3. You are so very talented and what a great keepsake.

  4. Here you go making me cry again! I have a similar story about my ferret. He passed in the fall and I buried him in the back yard. The following spring a single beautiful flower sprouted in front of the headstone I had made. It comes back every year. I didn't plant it, and I haven't seen another like it around here. Ziggy always did like flowers though. I take it as a sign that he's up there frolicking around and I'll see him again.
    BTW, you write a really good blog!

  5. Awwww! Hugs! I had to allow my doggie, Beauty, to go to Rainbow Bridge this past february and I still grieve for her. God's love and comfort to you.
    Sue-MYSAVIOR -

  6. Wow, that's amazing! Thanks for sharing!


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