Thursday, January 28, 2010


We just got home with a new addition to our family. He was called Oscar at the Petsmart shelter, but, we're not sure just yet what his name will be.

He was found behind one of the stores at a local mall. He showed up there and one of the employees was feeding him for several weeks. She then contacted petsmart and they cleaned him up (was full of oil and greese) and gave him the medical attention he needed.


  1. Aw he looks so adorable! Hopefully he settles down quickly and become one happy family with you guys. =)

  2. He certainly knows how to play it up for the camera! Ollie, you are one lucky cat!

  3. He is just gorgeous. He looks just like our Inky, Inkblot Anderson. LOL HOWEVER, he needs his own original name. I kind of like Ollie. Remember the show Kukla,Fran and Ollie? Are you too young? Sounds like your husband isn't going to go for a cutsey name. I love you for rescuing him. We had a cat named Lovey once.

  4. Since he is easygoing I think Lokey may fit him.

  5. Aww! He's a pretty little Tuxedo all dressed up for you!

    I've got a few ideas:
    Equinox (Nox for short)

    And one for his place of rescue: Alexander (Or Alley for short, since he was an alley cat for a short while)

    Good luck finding his name! It'll come as you get to know him more!


  6. Awww! What a cute kitty! I think Oreo would be a perfect name! :)

  7. be sure to include you shop address in your comments :o)

  8. 1. Razz (Was my initial thought)
    2. Moofey
    3. Magic/Magik
    4. Oscar (I had a cat named Oscar, so I am partial to that name lol)
    5. Mik

    He is adorable, and I am sure any name you give him will suit him perfectly :)

  9. Aww... What a lucky kitty to have you to adopt him!

    Here are my suggestions:

    Vincent Van Gogh (because of the ear) but call him Vinny for short. :) haha

    Whatever you name him, I'm sure he will be happy. Just keep those cat-nip filled toys coming. haha!

  10. He's beautiful, or handsomely beautiful I should say ;)

    I have a few suggestions:

    Pounce (not sure of his personality)

    or you can name him after our cat, Sebastian!

    Donna @

  11. You could call him "Mister", since he is so dressed up in his tuxedo!!

    Joy from

  12. Awe - he's so cute!

    How about Pip, like from Great Expectations - he was an orphan, and had a bit of a long road to becoming a gentleman.

    Or Oliver - like Oliver Twist - also an orphan.

    or Tom Sawyer - Tom or Sawyer would be nice.

    Guess I am in a literary mood today!

  13. Lucky - cause he's lucky to have been adopted into a nice family
    Frank - as in "Can I be Frank with you?"

  14. You will not believe this. When I looked at the first picture I thought "O Baby" for a name.
    Then I seen in your last comments "Oh Baby".
    Good luck with name for kitty.
    May he have a long and happy life.

  15. I have a few I like:

    Whatcha think?!?!?!? He sure is pretty if I dare say pretty. I guess I probably should say handsome being he is a he.

    Sherri at

  16. He is precious! How about "Tux" because he's a tuxedo. I like Onyx. Or "Ted" 'cause he's a big fluffy teddy bear kitty? Also like his original name, Oscar.

    Donna at

    couldn't post and messaged me. She suggested the name Buster.

  18. One look at that cutie and I see Frederick. Congratulations on the new member! Darleen

  19. My suggestions are:

    Tom Tom

    ((((Hugs))))))) Lesley, nanations

  20. He is so handsome! And looks just like my (screwball)Scoobie(bubub)in the face...long story for him. My scoobie has a white back with 2 large black spots. He is a big lug. I also have (green-eyed)Cookie(monster), she is 15+ yrs old, black long hair. And a brown tabby Roland(roro) another long story.
    As far as a name goes....hmm....can't think of anything that hasn't been mentioned have fun giving him a loving home and a fitting name.....

  21. If I'd gotten another black & white cat, I was going to name him Kabuki (from the Japanese theatre form where they often wear black & white masks). This is BTW :-)

  22. Posting for Mv..I don't know why my blog is acting up. So sorry!
    Trying again, hoping it will work... I would like to hear what name will you dream of tonight if you fall asleep with him in mind. :) It may be the best fit :) If I had to suggest names though, I'd be thinking "Wiz" (as in wizard), "Handsome" or "Beau" (well, he is!)... "Boya" (from Japanese :)

  23. OMG! I already love your cat, Button! The fact that he likes my catnip toy makes me feel so good! I like to make kitties happy ;) As for a name- if you want something really different, how about Throckmorton or Ruddygore?

  24. He's so handsome! Dressed up and ready to go!

    Maybe Tuscaloosa? You can call him Tuxie.

    I also like Owen.

  25. Merlin,
    Orlando - Ollie,
    Philip - Pip,
    Um.. that was my suggestions, I happen to take a liking towards tales and history :)

  26. Hmmmm....

    We have a black and white cats and we named one Nova and the other Cane. lol

    We have another all black cat we named Swiffer as the cat was always picking up dust in that black fur.

    We have a black and white tuxedo female that was meaner than sh*t and we named her after my mother in law.... so she's Fritzie. lol

    Black and white is so regal. In that suit, maybe I would name him....

    Maestro .... maybe even spelled Mice-tro LOL

  27. I am posting for
    *****************I am not sure what your blog is asking me when I try to post so I will put it here.

    You know already that I like the name Kittykatamus. When I was young a cat had kittens in one of our out buildings and then moved all but one and it was almost dead when I found it. My dad said he was dead but I thought I saw it breath so I nursed it back to life. I thought it was a female so I named it Prissy. Then one day she was sitting on my moms lap and we found out it was a male. So then we called him Prissytom.

  28. How about IZZY or TUX? :O)

  29. I like Felix...who's the other half of Oscar!!

  30. Wow, you have so many great suggestions, I couldn't even begin to think of one. =( I will look forward to finding out what his new name will be! =)

  31. I like Oscar best, but since he's really putting on a good show for the camera, how about naming him Hamlet?


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