Saturday, January 9, 2010


Here are a couple of past birthday photos of Daddy. His birthday is on June 14th...Flag Day. He is very proud of that because he loves his country and it's flag. He is a WWII vet and was honored with a purple heart, though he never boasts about it.

The photo with all the baloons was taken last year at his 90th birthday party. Back row: Christian and Jordan (my niece and her hubby) and my sister Darla. That's my brother, Louie Jr. with the big smile on his face. That's me in the striped top, and my husband Richard holding Tinkerbelle. This photo was taken a few years ago on Daddy's birthday. He enjoyed dressing up in the patriotic hat and bow tie. (that's me, Darla, and Louie Jr. behind him)

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