Thursday, October 29, 2009

Kitty once lost, now found

Continued from yesterday....................................How did this happen to this precious little kitten? Why was he abandoned and left on his own to fend for himself in the cold of winter? How did it happen that he stumbled accross the street directly in front of our car that night? How could this little kitten survive weighing only 1/4 of what a kitten his age should weigh? It tormented me thinking about what he must have gone thru. How frightened and hungry he must have been. Even now, I can hardly stand thinking about it.
He just had to pull thru. I sat on the floor with him almost every waking minute that first week. Every day he got a little stronger. I remember the day I wiggled a little piece of yarn and he batted his little paw at it. I was on cloud nine! This little peanut had it in his heart to play! After all he had been thru. He was still very wabbily on his little feet. But, day by day, he gained weight and strength. The first time I heard him purr my heart melted. And when he finally made a about a happy dance... my heart was leaping for joy. (and it looked normal) Not one time did he make a litter box mistake. I couldn't believe it. What a good boy. Did you notice the little stuffed toy? He loved that little dog. It was so precious to see him cuddle it. He seemed to be thriving, but, there was a problem...............
To be continued............

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