Thursday, October 29, 2009

Lost Gray Kitten

It was last December. We had just left a Christmas program with our freinds John & Krysti... It was late and very cold. All of a sudden, a little gray kitten walked across the street in front of us as we were waiting at a stop light. He walked very slowly, stumbling. John jumped out and scooped him up. He put him inside his jacket to get warm. The kitten didn't move. We were about half way home and John handed me the little angel. I held him close. He didn't struggle. He didn't meow. He didn't move. He was skin and bones. My heart was breaking. It took us appox. 40 minutes to get home.
I quickly made him a comfy bed of soft fleece fabric and tucked him in to get warm. Gave him some food and he did eat a little. Prayed he would make it thru the night.
In the morning, his little body was cold. He was so weak. Couldn't stand up. I heated a rice sock in the microwave and put it under him as I held him close. Finally, he warmed up. He ate more food and went to sleep.
I stayed in the bedroom with him watching him... petting him...praying for him. After a couple of hours, I was amazed to see him stagger up and go to the little kitty box I made for him. (It was inside the big box. His bed was on one end and the kitty box on the other. ) Bless his little heart...he made a pee pee. Even in his weakend condition, he got up and stumbled to the kitty box! I was amazed.
Called the vet and took him in. This baby weighed exactly 1.1 lbs. The vet said he should have weighed about 4 lbs! We didn't know if he would make be continued

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  1. oh my!!! poor little kitty!!!
    how about him now???


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