Monday, September 21, 2009


Look at this boy! He's all decked out in his new walking vest from Holly.
We're hoping to train him to walk on a leash outside. This vest is made very sturdily with really strong velcro and has a loop to attach a leash. I think this will be safer than a collar and more comfortable than a harness. Not to mention, very fancy!! That's our Tinkerbelle trying to figure out what's going on with Buddy. (second photo)
Captions always welcome in comments just below. Visit Holly's studios at:
You've got to see the halloween costumes!
Thank you, Holly!


  1. I just have to share this comment I received on the artfire forums just now. Linda from said,"Tinkerbelle, you laugh and you die!"

    Thank you, Linda, you made me laugh out loud!
    :o) button

  2. Oh, oh OH!!! He is SO CUTE in his vest :) Off to post his pic in my Gallery <3

  3. Buddy is so handsome! He looks very good in his new vest, and I'll bet it will work better than a collar or harness. Tinkerbelle is probably jealous of his fancy new outfit!

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  5. I adore this vest. I am also a huge fan of Holly's (SpoiledBratzWear) work.


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