Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Times Remembered....

I was going thru some of Daddy's things today and found several figurines I had made for him over the years for special occasions. The figure of the little girl is from Father's Day in 1978. The birthday bear was for Daddy's 80th birthday. The Santa ornament wasn't dated, but, I can tell it's an oldie. Daddy used to dress up like Santa Clause when we were young children. He used to sing "I saw mommy kissing Santa Clause", so I put a little kiss on Santa's forehead. It's musical and plays that tune.
The little bear for Father's day play's the tune "You are my Sunshine". That was another song Daddy used to sing often. He's singing with the angels now.

I sure do miss you, Daddy. I really do.


  1. Linda - how wonderful that you have these. A true family heirloom.


  2. You'v been creating for so long and your work is still just beautiful! Your Father was obviously a great man!

  3. Buttons, this reminded me so greatly when my mimi went home to be with the Lord. My grandfather gave me a polymer clay piece I had made her. It was a tiny votive candle holder. I hold it dear to my heart, as I am sure you are holding these pieces.

    I pray God continues to comfort you... and you stay in my prayers.


  4. Button, those pieces you made for your father are priceless. There are many things of Gramma's that I still can't go through. Seeing some of the gifts I made her brings tears to my eyes. Maybe your Daddy and my Gramma are up in Heaven right now, comparing their creative children :-)
    ((Big hugs))
    -Michelle of CreativeCritters


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