Friday, May 14, 2010

Is it a coincidence or a gift?

Many years 1964 the Beatles came to America. I was 14 years old. My sister, me and friends became fast fans. We were so excited to get tickets for their performance at the Hollywood Bowl. We were seated way up high in the "nose bleed" section. There were four of us and we all shared one pair of binoculars!

That same year, my mom passed away.

My Daddy passed away a couple of weeks ago. After his funeral we had a reception at my brother and sister-in-law's house. I was talking to friends and we began to reminisce about the "good old days". Of course the Beatles came up in our conversation, and then we got to talking about the FabFour, an awesome Beatles tribute band we had seen a couple of years ago.

When I got home, later that day, I checked my email and there was one from the FabFour...seemed strange, I had never heard from them before, though I have been on their website. It was an invitation to an unscheduled performance in a nearby town. I got tickets and we are going tonight. I am so excited! Coincidence...or a gift from my Dad?

The Fab Four is absolutely the best Beatles tribute band around. Sound just like them. Play and sing everything live and even have their mannerisms down pat. When I saw them the last time, I found myself smiling through the entire first set of the early favorite. It was so much fun. There were folks there in their 80's all the way down to toddlers. Most sing along to the very familiar songs.

If you live in Southern California, the performance is at the Rose Theater in Westminster. Tickets may still be available. Box office opens at 2 pm pacific. No online sales, but, you can order over the phone and pick them up at will call.

If you are a Beatles fan, you will love the FabFour. If you'd like to take a the link below to see...keep in mind, these are not the Beatles! Hard to believe...they're spot on. You can hear the audience singing in the background,too.

Here is the link for the Rose Center Theater in Westminster California:

Fab four website:


  1. I'm so sorry - I'm just now catching up on your blog, and didn't see you lost your father till now. My condolences - everything you've written is so beautiful. I definitely think this is a gift from your father, and that he's watching over you still. I hope you have a wonderful time, and that the songs bring you all sorts of great memories:-)

  2. I remember the day that the Beatles came to America - it is strange how we remember certain things and other things get lost in the back of your mind somewhere. Have a wonderful time.


  3. I was born in 1964, but I do know who the Beatles were. I am definetly a fan and so are my children. Sorry to hear about your dad. But he wants you to be happy.l.that is why he sent you this gift. Enjoy yourself girl.

  4. OH, definately a gift from your Daddy!!

    Angel dust..



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