Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Fab-U-Lous evening with the FabFour

Just above is a photo I took last night of the Fab Four at the Rose Center Theater (sorry for the blur) The next is a photo I found online of the Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl in 1964.

The Beatles were introduced to America earlier that same year. Oh my goodness! How many remember seeing them on the Ed Sullivan Show?

When we found out they were going to appear in person at the Hollywood Bowl we so wanted to be there. My sister was able to get tickets for us along with my two best friends.

When they came on the stage they literally looked like beetle tiny...our seats were way up high about three rows from the very back. There were no big screens back then...we had a pair of binoculars shared by 4 of us. It was very exciting. My first concert ever. It was just a couple of weeks before my 14th birthday.

Last night we were transported back in time. We were all singing along to those familiar early Beatle songs. This was a very small venue and a benefit concert for the Westminster police department. After the show, the "boys" came out for a "meet and greet". The musician who plays "George", my favorite, is a brand new papa. His first son was born 2 weeks ago. I was able to squeeze in and congratulate him. He was very sweet. Got a photo to show you. I'll be posting that another time.
Here is a clip of Ardy singing Yesterday:


  1. How cool!

    I remember seeing the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show. We were kids and already in bed. He came and got us up and told us to come to the family room. It was funny, when we got in there, we all thought we were in trouble because we were never told to get out of bed and come to the Family Room. Nostalgic moment there :-)

    Dad said, " Ya'll need to see this. It will be an historical moment. A time you will remember for all your life." He was so right!

    Now I am sitting here wondering how many Beatles records are in the record rack. Yes, I still have my 45RPMS :-)

    Have a wonderful day!


  2. I think the Beatles were before my time. =) I'm glad you had a nice evening!

  3. I LOVE the Fab Four - I saw them here in Adelaide about 5 years ago at a Beatles convention at the Adelaide Showgrounds. They were wonderful. They also played a gig that was in the same place the Beatles played and they played the same track list - the show was only 1/2 hour but it was sensational! I wish I was around when the real Beatles were (I was born in '75). Glad you had such an excelent time :)

  4. Just a question - unrelated to the Beatles... how have you been able to get your blog "out there" with 200 plus followers? I seem to have stalled with only 6 (you are one God Bless you :) any ideas? -

  5. Button, I'm glad you went and I'm glad you had a good time. I think it's not just a gift from your daddy, but a message from him as well. He's telling you to remember the GOOD TIMES. Don't dwell on the sad ones, remember the GOOD ones. Blessings and hugs to you!
    --Linda (Rocky/Cat)


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