Monday, June 14, 2010

June 14th Flag Day ~ Daddy's birthday

Today is Flag day. Did you know there is a special day every year set aside to honor our flag?
Daddy was born on flag day. That's the reason I can remember it. For his birthday celebrations we'd decorate red white and blue. Today, Daddy would have been 91 years old. Just above is a photo taken on his 88th birthday.
It's hard to believe it's been a month and a half since Daddy passed on to heaven.
Last night Tinkerbelle started barking like crazy. Later we found something left on our front porch. Tinky heard the visitor. They had left a package beautifully wrapped up in red, white and blue. It was from a very dear friend named Julie. The card was so sweet. Here is part of what she wrote....."special prayers to our father in heaven today as your daddy spends his first birthday with Jesus. May he comfort you and encourage your heart like only He can." Brings tears to my eyes.
Inside the package was a case to hold the Veteran's Memorial Flag that was draped across Daddy's casket. It is now proudly displayed in our dining room with a photo of him, his wrist watch, and a little figurine I made for him on his 80th birthday.
Flag Day has always been a special day, but, it's even more precious now.
Jesus, please give Daddy a birthday hug and kiss for me.


  1. What a precious post. As the tears food my eyes.

    Julie is a wonderful friend to you. Your Daddy is smiling today!


  2. What a sweet friend you have and blessed memories of a beloved Father, now with his Father! Praying the Lord continues to comfort your heart and surround you with His presence.

  3. Button - what a really sweet post and beautiful tribute to your dad.


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