Thursday, February 25, 2010


I was in the forums on etsy and posted the dog story (previous post) and got this response from an artist. I just loved the story and got her permission to post it here. Enjoy!
creativesparkle says:
One summer while I was in junior high my family took our trailer to a campsite just outside of Yosemite. Upon returning from a long day in the park, my parents and I went to the general store, while my brother took the keys and headed to the trailer. When we finished our business we returned to the trailer, to the door wide open and my brother standing outside, looking confused. When asked why he was still outside, he said "Theres a cat in there." Sure enough, when I leaned into the doorway, a large orange tabby cat was sitting in the middle of our "kitchen" licking a paw and looking at me like I should have his reservation. Apparently he'd run inside the second my brother had opened the door. After determining that the cat was indeed friendly, we went inside and Mom made beef stew for dinner. We of course gave teh cat some stew meat, and he took it gladly, and then as we began to prepare for bed, settled himself in on my bed on the far corner of my sleeping bag. After I lied down for the night, he curled up under my chin, and- sicne I was used to sleeping next to a cat- I fell asleep with my arms around him. Come morning, the cat pawed gently at my face and looked at me. I promptly got up and opened the door and he hopped casually to the ground and sauntered away. Later we talked to the camp ground owner, and he said that the cat was part of the campground. At some point he'd taken up residence, and picked a different trailer to spend each night in.
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  1. What a neat story! How unusual for a cat to be so social as to go to different people's trailers to sleep in - must have been a very special cat:-)

  2. Thanks for your comments, girls. It's always so nice to see your sweet faces! :o) button

  3. What a great story- thanks for sharing! One of my cats adopted me like that. We already had 2 black cats, and no one else noticed when a new one snuck in. Problem was, our cats were female, and it took me no time to realize HE was not one of ours. He was so sweet I had to let him stay :)
    -Michelle of CreativeCritters

  4. Hi Michelle! I hope you, Cedrick and Grandma are well. :o) button


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