Friday, March 5, 2010

My dog? A therapy pet?

Have you ever asked yourself this question? Could my dog be a therapy pet?
When my elderly father entered a nursing home several years ago, Tinkerbelle stared coming with me to visit him. She was so well behaved. She stays in one of those "crates on wheels" until I lift her out for folks to love on her. She's a Jack Russell Terrier, and you may have heard that they can be very lively dogs.
About a year passed when I spotted a service dog and owner at a craft show. We struck up a conversation with her about her dog and Tink. She advised lookin into getting her cerified.
One of the biggest advantages of doing that is she would be insured if she were to bite someone. She gave me some info and I contancted "Love on a Leash" foundation for pet provided therapy.
Tink was trained and passed her test with flying colors! We had to get testimonies from three staff members at the nursing home regaring Tinkerbelle's activity there and she had to have so many documented hours of service before we became "official".
It is such a blessing to see her interact with the residents. She brings out such emotion in them. The smiles on thier faces are worth a thousand words. Sometimes, folks just hug her and weep. They obviously miss their furry babies.
This next photo is of Daddy with Tink that was taken a few years ago. Sad to say, he can no longer hold her.
Do you think Charlie wants to become a therapy pet, too? Yes, all sorts of animals can become therapy pets! What a blessing they are!
Dogs, cats, birds, can participate once tested and certified. You can read more by clicking the link below.
*therapy dogs are not the same as service dogs*


  1. Button! Tinkerbelle is just the cutest dog! And what a wonderful ministry the two of you have. The looks on those faces are priceless! God bless you and Tinkie!

  2. Thanks for sharing your dog with others and posting this story!

  3. Love these pictures of Tink. Pets and music are soooo appreciated by the residents of care centers. My husband plays viola for friends when they are in residential care centers or the hospital. Everyone else enjoys it too. I'm sure your sweet dog is really loved and enjoyed!

  4. The gift you and Tink are giving those elderly residents is priceless Button. Anything that puts such joy into someone's heart is wonderful. Tink is a pretty special dog (and I bet she knows it). Whenever my Cedric kitty comes to say "hi" to Gramma it really makes her day. Animals are just wonderful!
    -Michelle of CreativeCritters

  5. The smiles on the peoples' faces just says it all! Lezlee

  6. That is so wonderful Button. You and your Tinker are doing a good thing. Keep it up!

  7. I love this! It's something I've long wanted to do. Right now, our dogs need more training, too. I'm afraid we've let them get away some things that wouldn't be appreciated by the elderly or the infirm. However, they have good hearts - don't all dogs (& cats, etc.:-)? Kudos to you and Tink for doing such a wonderful thing!

  8. That is the most amazing thing! Everyone looks so happy with Tink! I just love to see our Senior's with smiles on their faces! God bless you for your work!

  9. Now this is a way to volunteer and see the results as they happen! I would take my dad's collie "Bo" to see him in the alzheimer's unit. Daddy didn't recognize him but all the other residents were begging Bo to come into their rooms! I'd bring Bo every visit and he was one of the highlights of the day for everyone. I might just look into this, seriously! Thanks for the link and for sharing your story!

  10. What an awesome way to share your love with someone! And I have a special spot in my heart for JRT's! We have 2 ourselves! And Tinkerbelle is adorable!


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